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Dear Friend,

IT' IS A FACT: That almost everyone has expressed a desire to start their own Home Based Business at one time or another in their life.

But there is a problem...

Most Home Business Courses being sold on the Internet are about as effective as screen doors on a submarine.


Because most are based on empty theory and not on real life experience.

Can I ask you 3 simple questions?

Are YOU one of the hundreds of millions of people worldwide that will wake up tomorrow morning, and drag yourself out of bed to go and spend yet another day...

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsWorking at a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled?

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsFor a company that doesn't appreciate you?

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsAnd for a boss that will never in a million years pay you what you really need to live life on your terms?

I'm not psychic but I'll bet it would be fair to say you would do just about anything to 'Do something different' and be able to experience the amazing freedom of working from home...

But that you just don't know what to do or how to begin? Right?

Of course, some people will tell you anyone can start a successful home based business without an understanding of the subject.

WRONG! Just take a look at their results. Their lack of sales speaks for volumes.

Talking of which...

Have you noticed that most books and courses on the subject are 'crammed to the brim' with 'complicated theories' and 'difficult to understand formulas' - instead of actual step-by-step instructions that make starting a home based business easy for the average person to actually understand and do.

Judging from many of the books I've read, you practically had to be a Brain Surgeon to figure it all out.

Sound familiar?

But now there's good news!...

"Recently, Several Highly Acclaimed Business Experts Got Together and Created a One-of-a-Kind Package Designed With Just One Laser-Focused Purpose in Mind... to Show YOU How to Create a  Home Based Business That Works..."

Now you can discover…

The Right (and the Wrong) Way to start a home based business that works!!!!!

The main component of this newly released work is called 50 Home Business Clarity Questions.  It was created by two very successful Home business owners:

Garry Gnapp Home Business Clarity QuestionsGarry Gnapp - A former Professional Skydiver, Garry now runs a multi-national company from his amazing Eco property miles away from anywhere.

Garry loves to work with people to develop their business skills and has thousands of very satisfied clients around the world.


Chris BloorChris Bloor - A million dollar direct response copywriter and marketing strategist.

Over 500 companies have used Chris's marketing services and he has spoken at high ticket Internet Marketing events a, alongside many of the world's most famous marketers and entrepreneurs.

Chris is known as 'The Walking Ideas Machine' for his amazing ability to sit down with a business owner and in 30 minutes, give them more ideas to grow their business and increase sales than anyone they have ever met in their life before.

Together Garry and Chris make a bold promise about 50 'Home Business' Clarity Questions:

Home Business Clarity


This magnificent work hands you 50 Simple Questions that you Absolutely MUST Answer if you plan on running a home based business that succeeds.


Because of this one simple fact:


And before you dismiss that as run-of-the-mill 'marketing hype' stop for a moment and consider this...

The Introduction to this book was written by Sohail Khan of http://www.TheJVClub.com

Why should that impress you?

Sohail is the guy who went from...


Now if that isn't 'Credibility On a Stick' - then nothing is!

And here's what Sohail had to say about this report:



Sohail Khan

This is the same tool that not only myself but other successful entrepreneurs have used time and time again - 50 empowering questions that can also help YOU find clarity and achieve what you really want in your own business and in your life.

I strongly believe that answering these powerful questions will help you find direction in your life and the game plan to achieve unlimited wealth and happiness in all that you do moving forward after this day.

Detailed in every page both Garry and Chris have provided you with the necessary roadmap to deliver you to the journey that YOU choose to go on and get you there quickly!

It's time for you to get in the driving seat and head towards success!

- SOHAIL KHAN CEO of The JV Club: www.TheJVClub.com 

Section One: The 50 Home Business Clarity Questions!

Home Business Clarity Garry Gnapp

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsYou Will Discover that Questions are the Answer!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsYou Will Discover: what really motivates you and why!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsYou Will Discover: more about yourself than you ever thought possible!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsYou Will Understand: what you need to do,
 when you need to do it and  who you need to
         speak to in order to make your dream of
         starting a successful home based business a


Section Two: 527 Questions that Make Money!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsSECRET: Business success is all about answering people's questions. Specifically it is about showing them how your product or service is the
        answer to their problem. This brilliant report reveals 527 different
        ways you can convince someone that YOUR product and service is the
        answer they need!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

You Will Receive: more ways to explain the benefits of owning your Product/Service than 99% of your competitors will learn in a lifetime!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

You Will Never be Stuck: for ways to explain why people should 'Buy Your Stuff' ever again!


Section Three: Lead Conversion Secrets!

James Yuille Media GlueJames Yuille is one of the best lead conversion specialists in the entire nation.

In fact, he was the top salesman for just about every company he ever worked for. Today James is the director of MediaGlue.com.au a very successful marketing agency on the east coast of Australia.



Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsJames Will Teach You: Internet Marketing for Bricks and Mortar Businesses - how to spot the difference between brilliant marketing
         strategies and downright garbage!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsMarketing Secrets for Busy People! James has an uncanny gift for being able to 'Take the complicated and make it simple' James will
        show you how to achieve much more in a lot less time.


Section Four: Getting a Website that Works Without Breaking Your Budget Or Losing Your Mind!

Aimee VoAmiee Vo is very much a rising star in the Internet Marketing community. She is a  young woman with a passionate commitment towards helping people understand what they need to know and do to start their own Wordpress Blog and use it to grow their business.

In fact, that is exactly what Aimee has contributed to the 50 Home Business Clarity Questions package!


She has created 15 fun and very easy-to-follow video lessons to take you by the hand and teach you literally everything you need to know to start your own Wordpress Blog, get traffic to it and make money from it!

Aimee's section can literally save you Thousands of Dollars in expensive web design fees.



Konrad Guy

"Do You Remember the Feelings You Had When You Sat on Father Christmas’s Knee as a Child?"

• The expectancy of receiving what you asked for!
• The suspense!
• The dream!
• The emotion

It brought back those feelings deep inside my heart as I worked my way through 50 Home Business Clarity Questions.

It was the deepest I had ever drilled down into my core of my life without sabotaging myself, having guidance and understanding from those who have gone before.

They truly are Clarity Questions!

The feeling you get is unimaginable and by taking ACTION you too can be on the path to prosperity.

I would encourage whoever reads this to spend the time and go within oneself, knock down the barriers that have been placed in front of us by well meaning people and become who you can.

PS Your life will never be the same, it’s your choice.

K.Guy Perth Western Australia

Order Home Business Clarity Questions 


Section Five: Secrets of 'Top Gun' Copywriters Revealed!

Garry Halbert LetterCopywriting Legend, Garry Halbert, once said: 

"You are always just one good sales letter away from making all the money you need!"

One person who truly understands that is the brilliant Australian Direct Response Copywriter, Brian Cassingena.

Brian's contribution to this package, "Secrets of the 'Top Gun' Copywriters Revealed" is unlike any report we have seen on the subject. As Brian himself explains...

Brian Cassigena

"I'll hand you the keys to get inside an expert copywriters head and understand what they do to make money out of thin air..."



Brian's report will take all the confusion out of finding and hiring the right copywriter for the job!


Section Six: Secrets of Effective Social Media Marketing - How to Market Like a Diva from Your Kitchen Table!

social Divas

Kay Hebburn has been a perpetual student and teacher with diverse qualifications and experiences and a hunger for knowledge about what makes people tick. She has had her own businesses since 1994 and loves working from home online.


She is fascinated by the intersection of psychology, spirituality, creativity and technology and so social media was an obvious and natural path. She works with high end businesses to develop social media strategies that allow them to engage with their customers in creative and unconventional ways.

She Co-founded Social Diva Media with Sarah Bradden and together they have a vision of training other women who will come and work with them in their social media agency.

What You Are About To Read in Kay's Report Will:

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity QuestionsShow You Step-by-Step How to get noticed by people who want your offer.

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

Teach you the Right Way to do social media marketing - HINT: it isn't what you think!


Section Seven: How to 'Brand' Your Home Business for Long Term Success!

Angela Den HollanderAngela Den Hollander owns a successful Graphic Design Company on the East Coast.

Her contribution is priceless! She will show you how to save a small fortune in regards to graphic design so you can avoid the 'Tacky' image that most home businesses seem to suffer from.


You Will Discover:

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

Step-by-Step Instructions to creating your own winning DL Brochure!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

The 'Top Tips' Report - 8 Specific Steps to Grow Your Home Based Business!


Section Eight: How to Get Ranked in Google Without Losing Your Shirt!

Charly Leetham

Charly Leetham is a Leading Online Business Implementation Expert.

Charly specializes in putting your business on the road to success. Helping ordinary people get their business businesses get online and get noticed by Google.


In 'Get Ranked' How to Get Ranked in Google Without Losing Your Shirt' Charly will walk you through 7 esy-to-follow steps to have a website that attracts organic [Free] search engine traffic.

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

No More 'Banging Your Head Against the Wall' trying to figure out all that 'Geeky' search engine stuff!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

Freedom! You'll have a simple roadmap to search engine traffic that actually works!

Garry Gnapp Chris Bloor Home Business Clarity Questions

You'll Save Money! This simple report can save you an arm and a leg on expensive search engine optimization fees!



Order Home Business Clarity Questions

Only $19

Stop and think for a moment...

Where else could you get all of this information for such a low investment?

Fair enough?

I urge you to take action right now and grab this course on Home Business Success. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this one. Grab your copy now by clicking here for our safe and secure order form.


Garry Gnapp

Publisher, 50 Home Business Clarity Questions

P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start a successful home based business with this course. You won't need a huge budget to create a business that works when you let highly acclaimed experts show you their secrets...

Click here now to get started with the 50 Home Business Clarity Questions program, no matter if you're a beginner just about to start your first home based business or a savvy pro!



Clayton Johnson with Sir Richard Branson 

Chris and Garry, thank you for sending me the 50 Home Clarity Questions. To be honest, I was very reluctant to even begin anwering these questions...

I thought; "What in the world do I need this for?

Give me a break! not ANOTHER 'Self Help' Questionaire!

I mean I already have a very successful home business that I have worked very hard to set up and already enjoy the benefits of working from home!"

However what was really holding me back was my own self convincing me that I already knew all this and I would be wasting my valuable time which is very important when working for yourself.
However it was a Beautiful Sunny day in Perth, I could do with a break thought what harm will it do.
So I made a nice cup of peppermint tea and started the questions....

At first I resisted, butI love writing and sharing good stuff alll the time so I relaxed took a breath and went with the flow. 
Woah! that was SOME Roller Coaster Ride you took me on!

One minute I was estatic, 'flooded with ideas' and visualizing all of my dreams and goals as I was writing them and raring to get back to work.

Then the next minute I was at a complete standstill as I realized that it would be utterly pointless if I wasn't completely honest with my answers and finished this thing.
I really did have to dig deep at times to ensure that my dreams were actually aligned and becoming my reality.

The results were absolutely amazing.
At the end of answering each of the 50 Business Clarity Questions I really did have a complete, clear picture of WHY I do what I do.

Of WHERE I was heading and THE DRIVING FORCES behind my passion and vision to help people achieve happiness in all areas of their life and business.
The 50 Business Clarity Questions Rock! and I am very excited to now have my own answers to look back on at anytime to see how far I have come with my Dreams and Projects in that given moment.

Guys, I hope you don't mind, but I also added a new box and choice on Page 48 and question 49.

When Do You Plan to Reveiw this Docment Again?

I hope you don't mind, I added a 1 month Choice in here. I think everyone should be reviewing this each and every month and start each month fresh energized raring to go..
I believe the 50 clarity questions should be made available to anyone wanting to start a business from home or even a seasoned home worker who would greatly benefit by seeing how they really think in relation to their home business.

This ia an Invaluable Tool Chris and Garry and I will be referring to my completed workbook many times over in the near future to keep me balanced and excited about what I am doing with my life.  

Clayton Johnston


This course is delievered in digital format.

An e-book is simply a quicker and easier method of obtaining the program you want to purchase.

Instead of waiting for a physical book to come in the mail, you will be able to download the entire program in Adobe PDF format right to your computer immediately after ordering.

All you need is the free Adobe Reader which already comes installed on all newer computers. However, if you have an older computer and don't have Adobe Reader installed, it is a free download. Just go to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

The main program will only take about a minute to download if you have a high speed connection. 

Once you download the ebook to your computer, you simply save the pdf file to a directory and then you can open it and either read it on your computer any time you wish, or if you'd rather, you can print it out to bring with you to read anywhere.  


Order Home Business Clarity Questions

Still Not convinced Questions really are the Answers?

Watch this quick video and get the proof!


Here is Something You Will NEVER See in a Month of Sundays... a 'Testimonial' From a Couple Who Did NOT Like the Report (In fact, one of them Hated it!)



I Didn't Like Your Report and My Husband Hated It!

The short of it: Peter hated it; as to me: I am ambivalent.

Peter’s view:

The “digging process”, for lack of a better word, reminded him of a rather unpleasant period in his life when he was very ill, with an amoeba that had settled in his brain which initially had left him paralyzed.

He was subjected to intense psychological analysis to assess the damage that had been done.

I suspect the questions touch some rather raw nerve here and there...

Peter says : “I’m not normal. That is “normal” in the accepted sense of the word, i.e. conforming to prevalent social norms.” I wholeheartedly back his statement – in fact, on that basis, neither of us could really be called normal.

I’m quoting his words now:

“It’s like they want to get into your soul. I neither want nor need anybody to get into my soul.”

He describes it as a 'pseudo-psycho self-analysis' – in line with the kind of examinations I refer to above.

Back then, his instinctive aversion went so far as to cause a mental blockage when hypnosis was tried in the damage assessment process. They could not hypnotize him. Full stop.

Final analysis was: mental strength way beyond the norm.

His outlook is that he has tremendous self-discipline - which is totally true- and that he does not need, in fact does not want anything to make him look inward and scrutinize the core of his mental existence, his soul, so to speak.
Having said that, he is always open to change, in fact welcomes change.

We both do. Our life together has always revolved around change. That’s why at the age of 72 he is actually looking forward to a new and successful IM career!

He queries however, whether he would ever avail of such a tool to find his real inner strengths – as far as he’s concerned, he’s got his feet firmly planted on the ground and would always be able to deal with anything that life chucks at him.

Now to me - my comments:

I have actually been subjected to psycho-analysis and ensuing treatment, so I can speak from personal experience.

I can live with a “healthy” amount of self-analysis with the help of a questionnaire; question is how much is healthy.

I thought I had always been a very positive, go-for-it-and-get-it-done nature until through circumstances beyond my control, my life virtually changed over night and I went into deep depression (why am I telling you all this...???) I’d had an accident in which I’d broken a vertebra in my lower neck and finished up in hospital, having been told by my superior at the time that I was a lousy mother.

You get the picture: I’m physically AND mentally broken.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of the treatment – I’m sure, from the little I’ve learned from your story, you’re more than equipped to understand what rotten cards life can deal.

I was “treated” in probably the best clinic in Germany in that field. My body had been healed, but my mind, my brain, my soul... call it what you will, had been broken. My family didn’t recognize the me that turned up again after 16 months, and it has taken me years to regain the self-confidence and go-for-it nature I used to have.

I do, however, believe that self-discipline which emanates from self-recognition and to a large extent from self-analysis could be helped along with this type of questionnaire.

I’m not too sure though, that you will find many people capable of dealing with the outcome of things, without having to involve a counsellor or therapist . I know what I am talking about when I say that I have been mentally broken down before I could be built up again... twice.

I feel that this kind of questionnaire could potentially be dangerous. It very much depends on the strength of character the person has in the first place.

The questions are very, very deep and shake you to the core... not everyone will recognize and subsequently be able to live with the truth.

I applaud you for the initiative because I truly believe that you compiled the questionnaire with the sole aim of waking people up, making them aware of the fact that THEY CAN DO IT... provided they can recognize and subsequently amend/ rectify their shortcomings.

By the way, Peter is of the opposite opinion, i.e. more than 90% will not complete this and practically no-one will implement it. They would not have the strength of character required.

Look forward to your response – keep up the good work! It is much appreciated.

  Peter & Linda G.

Order Home Business Clarity Questions
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